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Without any doubts, us humans are designed to make the most out of our resources. Most often, we achieve this by capitalizing on the sales and discounts all around us. In fact, we might even wait out for a sale before buying an accessory. But hey, finding the best sales and discounts around town is no easy feat and you do not know how much it hurts to miss a great sale unless you have missed it.


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Discount Shopping Guide is here to ensure that you never miss out on a discount package ever again. We operate here in Australia and keep track of all the best discounts available throughout the country.

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We do not only keep track of all the discounts around town for you, but also give out discounts of our own. So, with Discount Shopping Guide, you will never have to buy a product at full price ever again.

But that is not just it, there is more to us. Part of our success is attributed to the fact that we match customers with not just discounts, but discounts that they want. So, you can add your preference with us and we will make sure that you get notified when discounts on your preferred shops go live.


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about specificity of discounts,

Furthermore, it is not just about specificity of discounts, but also the channel of your discounts.


achieve discounts on your credit

So, we help you achieve discounts on your credit and debit cards too. With exclusive discount alerts for all your cards,


keep track of any and every discount

we will help you keep track of any and every discount that comes your way.

So, register with us and never spend more than you have to

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You can contact us with any queries that you want answered today. Leave us a message on our website and we will get back to you with our responses as soon as possible.