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I put my expertise and my experience at the service of those who would like to make their purchases comfortably from the home computer or, sitting on the sofa in the evening, using the phone or tablet, but cannot understand each other with types, sizes, colors , wearability, styles.

On models all the clothes and accessories seem perfect, but on you? How will they be?

Will they be suitable to enhance you and to accompany you in your everyday life?

I already gave you suggestions on how to do the perfect online shopping, without regrets, here. But I understand that you still have some doubts: it is true, in the store you can try what strikes you, buying online, even if you take your measurements and comparisons with those of the wearer and the boss, you remain the uncertainty of final effect on you.

And then in the shop there is the order that, cross and delight of shopping, is still a voice to be compared. Especially because the sales assistant (if she’s good). to facilitate your life and your purchase, it often offers you a total look, making you try on the garment to which you are interested or with “that trouser that is precisely his death” or “the necklace that illuminates the neckline”.

Visualizing the dress in action, in your everyday life, is really important.
For this reason, when I remotely help my customers in online shopping, I not only suggest and indicate what to buy but also and above all how to combine purchases with other items (to buy or that are already present in the wardrobe I have seen live or through photo sharing) and prepare a training document to consult so as not to make mistakes in shopping.

This is because my goal with image consulting is always to make people autonomous and able to write their own story in pictures even on their own, finished work with me.

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