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How to make ONLINE SHOPPING: the Complete Guide to renew the wardrobe!

How many times as children did we imagine that every time we closed our eyes or snapped our fingers, what we saw in the shop windows immediately materialized in our room?

Perhaps it is not so for the girls of the new generation who at 10 years have a brand new iphone in their backpack together with the diary of the smurfs, but for me and many of my friends, and I am sure even for the under 90s, this is not it was just a game, but a dream that unfortunately never became a reality.

Not until I started looking through blogs on the internet and looking for strategic systems that would allow me to do some shopping in peace!

First of all I understood a great thing.

Shopping is now on the internet.

Hate those job orders you ask “sorry, I need a nice black shirt, could you give me some advice for pleasure?” “Yes, the black shirts are all there”. You go well and you’ve already lost a client. One plus all the readers of my blog.

Ugly genius of evil, but if I ask you a very precise question, what makes you think I need a very rough answer?

Then I can’t stand the slow ones. Damn those lenses are the worst.

Those that make you lose half a day in there. Those who continue to be on the phone while you are at the counter. Those who have to check fourteen times if maybe the article has remained in stock, or maybe in the warehouse of the Salerno store even if you’re from Venice. Those that you do not send to that country because you remember that your mother taught you to be kind, but how much you would like to pull the case in her face when she finally says “ah … I’m sorry……. but I don’t have it … “

Ah then there are the super heroes, who always have the solution to everything: “sorry I’m looking for blue pants, do you have any?” “No.” “Ah ……”

And in the end, my favorites , they don’t hate them, in a certain sense I love them , because they work so hard that in the end maybe I’ll buy a scarf too!

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